Ear Discharge

Ear discharge from the ear can be very unpleasant for the individual concerned.

It can be indicative of an infection within the external or middle ear. Unfortunately the discharge in the ear is often associated with other symptoms such as hearing loss, discomfort or dizziness and subsequently these can be challenging to manage.

Ear Discharge Treatment

External ear infections cause swelling of the ear canal and may be uncomfortable and cause reduced hearing, therefore treatment by your specialist involves a combination of regular micro-suction. This is using a microscope and a suction device to clear the ear of debris and infection. Coupled with topical ear drops to treat any infection. A combination of both of these modalities in the majority of cases will allow us to control the infection and a dry ear to be achieved.

Middle ear infections involve an infection behind the ear drum, in association with a perforation of the ear drum. Due to proximity of critical anatomical structures such as the brain and facial nerve it is important that we treat infections in this area adequately and effectively. Your specialist will be able to provide you with targeted treatment to achieve this.

Treatment may start with topical eardrops and suction of infectious debris from the ear. If this fails to control the infection we may offer surgery. In conclusion, the aim of treatment of a middle ear infection is to obtain a safe dry ear.

Occasionally an infection in the ear, may be a feature of a cholesteatoma. Cholesteatoma represents skin growing in the wrong area. Whilst this is not a tumour or cancer, by virtue of it’s locally destructive properties it is important that this is treated correctly. Treatment is usually surgical.

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