Earwax build up is a normal fact of life, due to the natural shedding of skin from the ear canal. Normally over time the wax works its way out from your ear canal however, for a certain proportion of individuals it can be difficult for the wax to come out.

Therefore this allows the earwax to build up and cause problems with hearing loss or a feeling of discomfort in the ear. These problems may be compounded if you have had previous surgery on your ear.

Earwax Treatment

Previous surgery or medical treatment on the ear may make removal of wax challenging however, an ENT specialist will have the necessary skill and knowledge to know how best to remove the wax without causing injury, damage or discomfort. They will safely remove this for you.

There are numerous ways of removing wax, including the use of syringing, Hopi Wax candles to other less common procedures. Priy Silva uses a specialised high powered microscope to safely remove the wax from the ear canal.

This is similar to the type of microscope which may be used when performing operations of the ear. Experience in doing this safely and as comfortably as possible, with help to make your experience of this as positive as possible.

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