Head & Neck Cancer Risk Factors

Head & Neck Cancer risk factors for Head and Neck cancer have evolved. The traditional risks factors of smoking and alcohol are still recognised. However as behaviours have changed, we have seen a decline in smoking related head and neck cancers.

Instead we have seen an emergence of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) related head and neck cancers.  This is related to orogenital contact and is linked to number of sexual partners and oral sexual practises. In the long term the role of the HPV vaccine will aid to reduce this rising trend of HPV related cancers. You may wish to speak to your specialist about the role of vaccinations.

HPV has resulted in a paradigm shift in the type of patient who present with a head and neck cancer. Therefore it’s worth noting that increasingly we are seeing patients who are non smokers and non drinkers presenting with head and neck cancers.

The age of presentation may also be typically at a younger age. These patients occasionally present with cystic neck lumps, which may be mistaken for a benign neck cyst.

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