Vertigo & Dizziness

The feeling of vertigo or dizziness can be debilitating and consequently people may become housebound and fearful of going out of the house. Symptoms like this can result in social isolation.

Understanding dizziness is complex because there are many factors which control balance. Having a healthy balance system involves careful coordination between several different organ systems within your body. 

Diagnosing Vertigo & Dizziness

Your ears have special balance canals that allow you to know where your body is in relation to your environment, similarly your major joints including your neck, back, arms and legs have joint sensors that feed back to allow their position to be known. This is known as proprioception.

Your eyes also provide visual signals to aid this. Subsequently all this information is fed back to the central computer in our brain to process this information. Problems with any of these structures can result in balance problems.

The ENT specialist understand how this all works together and is able to help diagnose where the problem may be. Understanding where the problem is then allows the treatment to be targeted accordingly.

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