Thyroid Lumps

The thyroid gland is like a bow-tie and is located in the lower part of the neck, below the voicebox (larynx) and above the collarbones.

A thyroid nodule is a lump in or on the thyroid gland. Thyroid nodules are detected in about 6% of women and 1-2% of men; they occur 10 times as often in older individuals, but are usually not diagnosed. Any time a lump is discovered in thyroid tissue, the possibility of cancer must be considered.

More than 95% of thyroid nodules are benign (non-cancerous), but we test to determine if a nodule is cancerous.These tests include a scan and needle biopsy.

Mr Silva works closely with the thyroid endocrine surgeons, Radu Mihai and Shad Khan’ who undertake this type of surgery. Occasionally they will work together depending on the complexity of the case.

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