Functional Effects Of Head & Neck Cancer

Functional effects of treatment for head and neck cancer, can impact significantly on function. Patients may have difficulty with eating, drinking and talking, and some may also need to cope changes in their appearance.

In Oxford, Priy has worked as part of a highly experienced team which includes a reconstructive plastic surgeon and neurosurgeon. We have worked as a team for the past 7 years. A full range of head and neck cancers are treated which include complex cancers of the skull-base and cancers within the neck, throat and voice box and sinuses and ear. 

Successful surgical management of any cancer relies on the overall experience of the team. A key and crucial aspect with head and neck cancer surgery is the reconstruction. The better the reconstruction the better the overall function after head and neck surgery.

As such, this will directly have an impact on speech, swallowing and appearance after the surgery. The results of our reconstructive team speak for themselves. The flap failure rates are well below the national rates placing us in the top 1% of the country.

In any case, where you need to get expert care from a qualified ENT specialist consultant in Oxford, you can book your consultation today. Firstly, please get in touch with our team by filling out the form herePriy Silva holds clinics at both Nuffield Health Oxford and GenesisCare.