Head & Neck Cancer Treatment

Head & Neck Cancer treatment is most successful when we diagnose and treat early. Management is varied, and dependent on several factors, including the site, the stage at diagnosis, any associated medical problems and the patient preferences.

Early stage tumours we treat with single modality treatment such as surgery or radiotherapy. Locally advanced tumours may be treated with chemoradiotherapy or surgery and radiotherapy.

Head & Neck Cancer Treatment | Surgery

Surgery can range from removal of a small lump on the front of the tongue or back of throat, to more complex surgery such as removal of part or all of the voicebox, and food pipe along with reconstruction of the area. Surgery may also involve removing multiple lymph nodes from the neck (Neck Dissection).

Following this some patients may need plastic or reconstructive surgery for areas where the cancer has been removed from, or specialised dentistry after the tumour has been treated. Where tumours interface into other areas such as the skullbase, eye or brain, they may require combined neurosurgical/ENT procedures. 

Sinus/Ear Cancers Involving The Skull-Base Cancer

Malignant skullbase tumours represent a small subsection within head and neck accounting for approximately 2-3% of all head and neck cancers. Tumours of the skull-base, are those that are in close proximity to the bone of the bottom the skull. Similarly they may involve the brain, the covering of the brain or the eye.

These are usually originating from cancers within the sinus or nose that have spread. Treatment of sinus tumours which extend towards the anterior skull base or eye are complex due to the significant anatomic detail of the region and the variety of cell types that occur in this area.

Lateral malignant skullbase tumours encompass tumours of the ear and temporal bone, and include metastatic skin cancers.  The incidence is low accounting for less that 0.2% of all tumours of the head and neck with an annual incidence of 6 per million people.

There are only a few centres in the country that undertake this type of complex surgery and we pride ourselves in being able to offer treatment for this type of tumour.

Multimodal therapy through a team approach is the optimal management approach for these tumors. There are only a few centres nationally including ourselves that carry out significant volumes of malignant skullbase surgery. Our catchment population is approximately 2.5 million. All cases are discussed by the skullbase team which meet regularly. Decisions for treatment are reached in consensus.

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