Head & Neck Cancer Conclusion

Head & Neck Cancer represents a heterogeneous term, involving multiple areas that cannot often be assessed or visualised easily. Symptoms may be innocuous and non specific and therefore it may be difficult to diagnose. 

GPs may only encounter 1 case of a head and neck cancer in their working career. Awareness of red flag symptoms is for this purpose important therefore, speak to your specialist if you are concerned about any symptoms of concern. This may result in earlier referral and subsequent diagnosis and therefore improved oncological outcome. 

If diagnosed with a head and neck cancer, it is important you are managed by a team that have the skill and experience to deal with your type of cancer. Surgery in this area is highly skilled and can impact on function. Our team, comprised of a plastic surgeon and neurosurgeon, we are able to offer you a tailored bespoke service.

In any case, where you need to get expert care from a qualified ENT specialist consultant in Oxford, you can book your consultation today. Firstly, please get in touch with our team by filling out the form herePriy Silva holds clinics at both Nuffield Health Oxford and GenesisCare.