Sore Throat

The majority of sore throats are related to an underlying infectious cause. This is often viral in origin and will generally settle in time.

This may cause difficulty swallowing, a temperature and a feeling of being generally unwell. This would be expected to settle within a few days with regular analgesia and some rest.

Sore Throat Treatment

If the sore throat is evidently present on one side only, this should prompt you to see your GP. This may be a sign of a more deep seated infection, which may need more aggressive treatment with antibiotics and possible drainage of any collection of pus.

When a sore throat persists beyond a few weeks and fails to settle, it is sensible to see your GP. Occasionally this may be a sign of something more serious such as a cancer. Whilst this may cause anxiety, it is important to remember that early diagnosis of cancer is the key to successful treatment and cure.

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