A lipoma is a lump which arises from the fatty cells under the skin. It is a fatty lump, which isn’t uncommon for people to have within their body.

They predominantly occur in the upper back, shoulders and abdomen, however they are sometimes seen in the head and neck region, where they account for approximately 15% of all lipomas. The diagnosis can usually be confirmed by scan, however occasionally a needle biopsy may be required.

Whilst the majority of lipomas can be observed without any further treatment, they may need surgical removal if there is uncertainty regarding the diagnosis, concerns on examination, a size which is greater than 10cm, rapid growth , associated pain, a deep seated location or concern cosmetically.

Occasionally if they are large, there may be a concern that they can turn cancerous. Treatment of lipomas involves surgery. It may be possible to undertake this under local or general anaesthetic, depending on your specialist.

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