Medicolegal Work

Mr Priy Silva is particularly interested in medicolegal work, having first worked in this area in 2013. Having undertaken work in clinical negligence, personal injury and noise induced hearing loss, he certainly appreciates the requirements of solicitors instructing on expert witness statements. In particular, he understands the timescales for civil litigation, whilst understanding the importance of providing an independent and balanced opinion.

Through experience with cases coupled with attending training courses he has a sound grasp of legal principles and Civil Procedures rules. Results are as such provided using noise induced hearing loss using the Coles guidelines. His training as an otolaryngologist has been broad-based and comprehensive with a specifically academic focus. This academic experience has certainly equipped him with the skillset to provide a balanced, scientific and impartial approach to the task in hand.

Medicolegal Training

  • Cardiff University Bond Solon Expert Witness Certificate June 2018
  • Expert witness training courses
  • Specialist Info 2014
  • Expert Report Writing, Bond Solon 2016
  • Courtroom Skills, Bond Solon 2016
  • Cross Examination skills, Bond Solon 2016

Positions of Responsibility

  • GMC Expert Witness – Appointed January 2018

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